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Cultural and Natural Heritage Curriculum

University of Cologne, 17-29 November 2014

The UoC Forum CHAA, with the cooperation of The Institute of African Studies and Egyptology, The International Master of Environmental Sciences IMES and Uschebti E.V., hosted the workshop on “Cultural and Natural Heritage Curriculum Design”. The workshop is the kickoff event for the proposed project of “Summer School on Cultural and Natural Heritage” The summer school is the UoC Forum initiative which include German and Egyptian partners working together on cultural and natural heritage issues to create a leading model of teaching both aspects of heritage hand in hand out of the Eurocentric perspective.

The workshop aimed to develop and discuss the curriculum of the proposed summer school in September 2015.

German Partners

  1. The UoC Form ‘Cultural Heritage in Africa and Asia’ Institute of African Studies and Egyptology, University of Cologne
  2. International Master of Environmental Sciences, IMES, University of Cologne

Egyptian Partners

  1. Unit of Environmental Studies and Development, Aswan University
  2. Aswan Protectorates Office, Nature Conservation Sector NCS, Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency EEAA
  3. The Nubia Museum

Directors of all Egyptian partners, plus a group of 4 young Egyptian candidates, spent the two weeks of the workshop with their German peers, exchanging ideas and experiences to come up with a high standard studying curriculum to be taught in the summer school in September 2015.

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  • Enlarged view:
    The Egyptian guests visit to Augustusburg Castle WHS in Brühl · from left to right: Mohamed Ezat and Haitham Ibrahim (Aswan Protectorates Office, EEAA), Ayman El Boughdady (Nubia Museum), Dr. Heinz Felber (UoC Forum CHAA), Dr. Hosni Abdelrahem (Director of The Nubia Museum), Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Tantawy (Aswan University), Shimaa Dodon (Nubia Museum), Eman Elbadry (Aswan University), Prof. Dr. Irina Springuel (Former Professor in Aswan University), Khaled Noby Mohamed (UoC Forum CHAA)
  • Enlarged view:
    Part of the workshop discussion including Prof. Kirk Junker the head of IMES Program, on the left