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Participating researchers at the UoC

Researchers in charge


Prof. Dr. Anne Storch · Institute of African Studies & Egyptology · Linguistics
Dr. Heinz Felber · Institute of African Studies & Egyptology · Egyptology

Research assistant

Khaled Noby Mohamed M.A. · Institute of African Studies & Egyptology

Participating researchers

Institute of African Studies & Egyptology

Linguistics: Dr. Angelika Jakobi
Cultural and Social Anthropology: Dr. Meike Meerpohl
Egyptology: Dr. Anja Kootz

Institute for African Archaeology

Dr. Tilman Lenssen-Erz

Institute of South/South-East Asian Studies

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Niklas · Prof. Dr. Edwin P. Wieringa · Dr. Sandra Kurfürst

Institute of Comparative Education and Social Sciences

Prof. Dr. Cristina Allemann-Ghionda · Prof. Dr. Julia Reuter · Dr. Monica van der Haagen-Wulff

Associated researchers

Damaris Bulirsch (African Studies) · Dr. Larissa Förster (Internationales Kolleg Morphomata) · Larissa Fuhrmann M.A. (African Studies, Goethe Institut Khartoum) · Dr. Angelika Mietzner (African Studies) · Mikiyas Gebresilassie Tekle (African Studies) · Prof. Dr. Thomas Widlok (African Studies) · Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Wotzka (African Archaeology) · Sara Zavaree (African Studies)